Help Connect

Turns your products into lifesavers

How can everyday objects save lives?

Whether car, motorcycle or smart home - in an emergency, sensors in your products can automatically detect accidents and emergencies and alert help. Help Connect can organize fast help around the clock in different situations - even if you can't do it yourself. With Help Connect you have a professional Bosch emergency call service at your side around the clock, which can directly inform the local rescue services.

Use the advantages

Emergency pass for all cases

Important health information is forwarded by the Help Connect agents to the local emergency services.

Personal emergency contacts

In an emergency, your family and friends will be informed, which you have stored in your Help Connect profile.

Your data sovereignty is respected

Personal data is only sent in emergency situations where your life is at stake.

Our Help Connect emergency call service for...

Woman driver

... your car

What do you do if you’re involved in a collision?
Cyclists on the road

... your bike

Safe on every ride.
Biker on the open road

... your motorcycle

Obtain faster assistance in the event of an accident.
Smartphone in front of house

... your Smart Home

Save what's important to you.

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