The team behind Help Connect

The Help Connect team

In a connected world, we are revolutionizing the emergency call

We connect products from your everyday life so that they become life savers by organizing help in an emergency - even if you can't do it yourself. Our interdisciplinary team consists of 12 engineers, doctors, software developers, project managers and designers. We are motivated by the shared objective of saving lives by providing rapid emergency assistance.

Using sensors integrated in your car, bicycle, motorcycle or smart home, we can automatically detect accidents and send a rescue team to your location. In other words, these everyday objects could one day save your life. In a flash, they transmit life-saving information about the circumstances of the accident and your identity to first responders and your designated emergency contacts. This means that you can be sure of receiving the help you need in an emergency, without delay.

How do we make this possible? Quite simply, with Help Connect from Bosch - the automatic emergency call system that goes with you wherever you are.