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Help Connect

Make your smart home that much more secure

The Bosch emergency call solution for your smart home

When fire breaks out and there’s nobody home, every second can make a difference. Likewise, an undetected burglary or water damage can quickly get expensive, should you happen to miss the alarm message on your smartphone because, for example, you’re on vacation or working out at the gym.

Together with Bosch Smart Home, we have created an emergency call solution that will organize assistance even at those moments when you are unable to check your smartphone. With Help Connect, we are doing our bit to minimize personal injury and property damage in the event of an emergency.

Help Connect is the guardian angel for you and your smart home, even at times when you cannot be reached.

Bosch agent
Our emergency call assistants have many years of experience in coordinating emergency responses. They are there for you 24/7.

The emergency call system for your smart home

Only €9.99 a month

Only €39.99 a year

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Help Connect – buy it once, use it everywhere

Please note: There are performance limits to the service on account of various factors, including the technology used. Information about what these are and which products are required for specific scenarios is availablehere.

Smoke detection
In Germany, there are some 200,000 fires in houses and apartments each year.

To benefit from Help Connect in the event of a fire, either theBosch Twinguardor theBosch Smoke Alarmmay be used.

What happens when a smoke alarm is triggered?

  • You receive a smoke alarm message, as usual, via your Bosch Smart Home app.

  • In parallel, a Help Connect assistant receives the data from your alarm devices and then immediately tries to reach you or your first emergency contact by phone in order to verify the need for assistance.

  • Should you be near your apartment or house, do not under any circumstances place yourself in danger!

  • If neither you nor an emergency contact can be reached, the Help Connect Assistant will immediately communicate all necessary data to the fire department. If everything is okay and you or your emergency contact decline the offer of help, the Help Connect Assistant will not request any assistance.

  • At the conclusion of an alarm incident, the Help Connect assistant will contact you once again by phone.

A broken window
In 2018, there were some 110,000 burglaries in German households.

To benefit from Help Connect in the event of a burglary, theDoor/Window Contact from Bosch Smart Home is required, together optionally with theMotion Detector.

What happens in the event of burglary?

  • Essentially, the interaction between the Help Connect service and your Bosch smart home is the same in the event of burglary or water damage. Once again, a message is sent to your smartphone in order to inform you of the alarm.
  • The Help Connect assistant will then try to verify the need for help by speaking with either you or an emergency contact. If everything is okay and no assistance is required, the Help Connect assistant will not request any help and will close the case.
  • Here, too, if the Help Connect assistant is unable to definitively rule out the need for assistance, the police will be alerted immediately.
  • Before closing the case, the Help Connect assistant will try to contact you once again by phone. You can track the details of the alarm and the activities of the Help Connect service via the message center of your Bosch Smart Home app.

A broken window
In the event of water damage, speed is of the essence!

To benefit from the protection of Help Connect, you require theWater Alarmfrom Bosch Smart Home.

What happens when the water alarm is triggered?

  • The basic procedure in the event of a water alarm is the same as in the case of fire or burglary; i.e., you will receive a message on your smartphone and, at the same time, the Help Connect assistant will try to reach you.
  • If you cannot be reached, your first emergency contact will be called to verify the water damage and, if necessary, take action. In the event of water damage, it is important that your emergency contact should have a spare key to your house or apartment, so that they can then check to see if everything is okay. This may be a cohabitant, a neighbor, or the janitor.
  • You can track the details of the alarm and the activities of the Help Connect service via the message center of your Bosch Smart Home app. Before closing the case, the Help Connect assistant will try to contact you.

Your emergency contacts

Emergency contacts and your emergency passport play a crucial role in case of an alarm. With the help of your Help Connect profile, you can manage both.


Your emergency contacts

If your smart home system should sound an alarm, our Help Connect assistant will call your emergency contacts stored in the Help Connect profile if it cannot reach you. If necessary, they can confirm the need for help or help themselves, for example by instructing the emergency services or providing access with a spare key.


Your emergency pass

If you have pre-existing conditions that require special attention in an emergency, such as mobility restrictions, you can optionally enter them in your Help Connect profile. In the event of an emergency, the Help Connect assistants will have access to this data in order to forward it to the emergency services, should this be necessary.

Important notes

Prerequisite for the use of the Help Connect service is the installation of the Bosch Smart Home devices and the activation of the Cloud API in the Bosch Smart Home app for data transfer to the Help Connect.

The following Robert Bosch Smart Home devices can optionally be used with Help Connect services:

  • Fire: smart home controller, smoke detector and/or Twinguard.
  • Burglary: Smart Home Controller, motion detector and/or door/window contact.
  • Water: Smart Home Controller, water detector

Please note that alarm detection has performance limits. In particular, despite adherence to the state of the art, it is not possible to exclude false alarms, i.e. to always trigger an emergency call correctly and only in the case of correct emergencies. The Help Connect service should therefore only be seen as an additional, potentially supportive safety function and can therefore only replace your own efforts to alert professional help in an emergency to a limited extent. You can find out more about this in our FAQ.

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