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Help Connect

Makes your smart home more secure

The emergency call system for your smart home

At Bosch, we connect all kinds of smart devices, and not just your cell phone. And we network them with the Help Connect emergency call service. The Help Connect assistant first assesses the situation when your alarm system, smoke detector, or home care robot triggers an emergency call. Then it sends for the right sort of help. Connect your smart home with Help Connect. Protect what’s important to you.

How Help Connect works in the Smart Home

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Automatic emergency detection

Smart sensors in your smart home device can be connected to Help Connect. This could be the alarm system, the smoke detector or a home care robot, for example.

In case of an emergency, i.e. burglary, fire, fall etc., an emergency call is automatically triggered.

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Data communication and emergency calls

The data is sent to our Help Connect agents, who also assesses the situation using your created emergency contacts and is available around the clock.

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A direct line to rescue services

Whether it's the police, fire department, emergency doctor or a neighbor who turns off the stove - Help Connect makes sure that help comes.

110,000 burglaries, 200,000 fires

Those four walls are a haven for many homeowners. But the security of that sanctuary is not to be taken for granted.

110,000 home burglaries were reported in Germany in 2018. Good security systems and connected smart homes almost certainly played a part in bringing this number down from the previous year’s count.

Some 200,000 fires ravage apartments and houses in Germany every year. Multi-outlet power strips and old electrical appliances are often to blame. But smoke alarms have helped reduce fatalities.

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75% of households are insured

Many people want to be sure their property is protected. This is why around 75 percent of German homes are covered by household insurance. This type of policy insures the material value of home contents against theft, fire, hail, water damage, and the like.

But that coverage comes after the fact. It is no less important to take measures to prevent damage in the first place. After all, insurance can’t cover the sentimental value of the things we cherish. With Help Connect, action can be taken to prevent the worst from happening in an emergency.

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Safe at home with automatic emergency call capability

An aging population needs more care. Demographic trends in Germany are certainly driving that demand. At 2.6 million, the number of people receiving care at home peaked in 2017.

The wish to spend one’s twilight years at home is understandable, but often hard to fulfill. Risks increase with advancing age, for example, the likelihood of a fall. Home emergency call devices, home care robots, and other assistance systems can serve as reliable guardian angels for the elderly, particularly when they connect directly to a professional emergency call service. That’s what Help Connect is all about. It is our new way of integrating automatic emergency calls into home devices and appliances.

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Our Help Connect emergency call service for...

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... your car

What do you do if you’re involved in a collision?
Cyclists on the road

... your bike

Safe on every ride.
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... your motorcycle

Obtain faster assistance in the event of an accident.
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... your Smart Home

Save what's important to you.

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