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General information

What is Bosch Help Connect?

Help Connect is a comprehensive distress call service that can save lives in an emergency. We have joined forces with partners to offer this service in products and apps for various lifestyle domains.

You’ve probably been there before: It’s just you out on the road alone on a bike, motorbike, or car. It’s not something any of us likes to think about, but what happens if you have an accident and can’t call for help?

That’s where we come in. Using sensors integrated in your car, e-bike, motorcycle, or a smart home application, we can automatically locate the site of the accident and send emergency services to your location. That’s how we turn your products into a life-saving asset. In a flash, they transmit critical information about the circumstances of the accident and your identity to first responders and your designated emergency contacts. This way, you can be sure to get the help you need in an emergency, straightaway where and when you need it.

We offer different versions of Help Connect to consumers and business partners. The following information is for consumers who use Bosch.IO’s Help Connect. To learn more about how business partners’ version of Help Connect works, visit the pages and FAQs on their websites. For example, you’ll find Cobi’s at []

How does Help Connect work?

An intelligent algorithm in your car, e-bike, motorcycle, or app uses your smartphone or other connected device’s sensors to detect accidents and call for help. In the event of a fall, your smartphone’s mobile data connection forwards all data of relevance to the accident – your current location, most recent speed of travel, the impact’s severity, and, optionally, your health information to a Bosch Help Connect emergency assistant, who is standing by 24/7.

The assistant will try to contact you to determine what help you need and, in case of an emergency, notify your stored emergency contacts or rescue services. If the assistant is unable to contact you, rescue services will be notified in the event of a serious fall even without your confirmation if you do not resume your journey.

In the event of a minor fall, you can trigger an emergency call manually at any time. You can also call the Help Connect assistant manually if you encounter a threatening situation.

In what situations can Help Connect help me today?

Help Connect is already a comprehensive emergency call solution for motorcyclists, cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians. It works with a growing number of apps.

Motorcyclists can use the service today via the calimoto app ( Pedestrians and motorists will always have their guardian angel at their side with the Vivatar app and drive plug for their car ( These services are to soon be linked to Help Connect. Cyclists use the service via the COBI.Bike app and the COBI.Bike or Bosch SmartphoneHub. Other FAQs and terms and conditions apply here:

We are also working on using other sensors in the Internet of Things to detect accidents, for example, the sensors installed in motorcycles ( and smart homes (

Service and availability

In which countries can Help Connect be used?

The emergency call solution is available to users with a German SIM card in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Do I need an internet connection to use Bosch Help Connect?

The service works if you have a 3G or higher mobile data connection. If a data connection is unavailable, your data will also be sent as a text message via SMS in an emergency situation. In any case, you need sufficient network coverage and an active mobile phone contract.

Is Bosch Help Connect available around the clock?

Yes, Help Connect assistants are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – the traffic load and operating status of the national or international telecommunication infrastructure and networks used to access and process the service allowing.

Can I access the Bosch Help Connect service with any smartphone?

The Bosch Help Connect service works on Android smartphones with version 6 or higher and on iOS smartphones with version 11 or higher, provided you use an app that supports Help Connect.

The language of the smartphone must also be set to German.

Please note: Individual, application-specific technical requirements for the automatic activation of a call may vary depending on which app you are using to address Help Connect.

Calimoto app

COBI.Bike app

Can I access the service with my Apple Watch or other smart watch?

No, not yet. As it stands, the service is activated for emergency calls via mobile phone only.

Accident detection at calimoto

How does fall detection work?

In calimoto’s case, the fall detection algorithm uses your smartphone’s sensors. In the event of an accident, the algorithm assesses data such as speed, acceleration, and rotation sourced from these sensors. If this data suggests a pattern of movement resembling an accident, such as a collision that leaves the bike motionless on its side, the system triggers an alarm and notifies Help Connect assistants. Learn more about calimoto at

Which technical requirements does my smartphone have to meet for the calimoto crash algorithm to work?

Your smartphone can only use the algorithm if an accelerometer and a gyroscope are built into the smartphone. Every time you launch the app, the algorithm itself checks if the necessary sensors are in your phone - so you'll be alerted if the crash algorithm is not supported by your device. However, it can't check if the existing sensors are working properly, so the crash detection algorithm might still not work properly if the sensors are damaged.

Where should I put the smartphone?

For calimoto users: The smartphone has to be affixed to the motorcycle in compliance with the terms of use. For example, you can attach it to the handlebars of your motorcycle with a smartphone holder.

What data gets sent in case of an accident?

In the event of an accident, Help Connect emergency assistants receive accident-related information such as the location (GPS), time and severity of the accident, and the personal data entered in your Help Connect profile such as your name, year of birth, phone number, information on your emergency information card, and emergency contacts. The latter only applies to applications that have the Help Connect profile integrated. This information serves to determine what kind of assistance you need and to get you help.

The emergency information card and emergency contacts are available in select apps only at this time.

Will my emergency contacts be notified if I have an accident?

An emergency contact you have stored in the app will be informed of the accident if you give your consent to do so when talking to Help Connect emergency assistants. When you have this conversation, you can also specify the time at which the emergency contacts should be contacted. The emergency information card and emergency contacts are available in select apps only at this time.

How well does the fall detection in calimoto work?

The technology has its performance limits. It is state of the art, but we can’t rule out false alarms or promise that it will always accurately detect an actual fall.

Because of these performance limits, Help Connect fall detection should be seen as an additional, potentially supportive safety function. In an emergency, it can assist but not fully replace your efforts to alert professional help.

What happens if I take a spill but do not need help?

A countdown starts as soon as an accident is detected. If you do not need help, you can stop the countdown and prevent the system from alerting the Help Connect service.

If you do not manage to stop the countdown, the system will place a voice call to the assistants In this case, you should let the assistants know that you do not need assistance.

The alarm went off, but I didn’t fall. How come?

The algorithm was designed with potential false alarms in mind.

The information provided by the sensor on the vehicle’s current speed helps determine whether the situation is critical or not. Even so, we cannot rule out false alarms altogether. If a false alarm triggers, all you have to do is cancel the emergency call in the app or tell the assistant who calls you back that you do not need help.

What if I need help, but haven’t had an accident?

If you need help, for example, in a health emergency that does not involve an accident, you can contact the Help Connect assistants manually via the calimoto app.

What happens if I have an accident in a coverage blackspot or dead zone with no reception?

If your phone is unable to access a mobile network and receive a GPS signal, it will not be able to send information about the accident and location to Help Connect assistants until a connection is re-established.

In the event of an emergency in an area where the signal supports voice calls, but not internet service, your phone will send a text message alert with your location to Help Connect assistants via SMS.

Will my data be transmitted to the Help Connect service every time I’m on the road?

No, your personal information is only sent to Help Connect assistants if an accident is detected or you manually place a call for help.

What data is sent?

In the event of an accident, Help Connect assistants receive accident-related information such as the location (GPS), time and severity of the fall or collision, the direction of travel, and the personal data entered in your Help Connect profile such as your name, year of birth, phone number, and information on your emergency information card, if it has been filled out.

Help Connect on Bosch eBike

How does Help Connect work as a premium feature of the COBI.Bike App?

In an emergency, the smartphone app uses an intelligent algorithm to recognize if you have fallen and how bad the fall was. In case of a fall, an emergency countdown with sound support starts, so that the immediate surroundings and potential first responders are already informed. If the 30-second countdown is not aborted in the event of a serious fall, an emergency service control center, which can be reached around the clock, is alerted and, in the event of an emergency, immediately sets the rescue chain in motion.

For which Bosch eBike Systems products is Help Connect available?

Help Connect is a premium feature of the COBI.Bike App and is available for eBikes with SmartphoneHub and COBI.Bike.

How does the emergency call via Help Connect work in combination with the COBI.Bike App?

In case of an emergency, an emergency countdown starts with sound support so that your immediate surroundings are informed. If an emergency is detected, Help Connect transmits the coordinates of your current location and the severity of the fall via the mobile data connection of your smartphone. First, the Help Connect assistant will try to contact you by phone. If he is unable to make contact and there are no signs that the ride will continue, the rescue chain is triggered depending on the severity of the fall. Regardless of this, you can also trigger the emergency call yourself.

How well does fall detection work with COBI.Bike?

The technology used has performance limits: It does not replace the own emergency call, but serves as additional protection and offers another rescue opportunity. If you notice that in the case of an accident requiring rescue services, no incident report has been sent or no voice connection to the emergency service control center is established, inform the responsible local rescue services immediately via the Europe-wide standardized emergency number 112.

What do I have to consider when using Help Connect in the COBI.Bike App?

Help Connect is available for eBikes with SmartphoneHub version 1.0.9 or higher and COBI.Bike. To use Help Connect, your Smartphone must be mounted on the SmartphoneHub or COBI.Bike according to the manual on the handlebars. The COBI.Bike App and Bluetooth must be active and the COBI.Bike App must be in the Ridescreen. You also need a mobile phone and a mobile data connection.

How to subscribe and what it costs

How do I subscribe to and activate the service?

The service is activated when you buy a subscription. You have to register during the purchase process.

As a calimoto user, you can buy your subscription in the Bosch Help Connect E-Shop (only in german).

To use the Help Connect Service in the COBI.Bike App, you can add and activate the module directly in the app. You can find out more about this here.

How long does the subscription run and what does it cost?

You can choose between a monthly and a yearly subscription. The service costs EUR 4.99 (incl. VAT) per month or EUR 39.99 (incl. VAT) per year. Once the subscription is activated, the service runs until the expiry date and is renewed automatically.

In the COBI.Bike App, Help Connect is available free of charge until 30.06.2021. After that you can purchase the premium function.

What payment options does the shop accept?

Payment is made by credit card.

Why is there a monthly fee?

Bosch Help Connect sends emergency information to a Bosch Help Connect assistant. We have agents standing by around the clock. We charge a monthly or annual fee so we can maintain, deliver, and continue developing this service. We make every effort to keep costs low and the Bosch Help Connect service affordable for everyone.

Are there any additional costs such as roaming charges for a Help Connect emergency call?

Telecommunication costs, including any SMS or roaming service surcharges, are charged to the user according to the terms in their phone contract. This includes roaming costs.

How do I terminate my contract?

You can cancel your subscription at any time at the end of the respective subscription period without any additional period of notice. This can also be done in the app. The termination then takes effect at the end of the current subscription period.


How many users can access one service permission?

One service permission is valid only for one user at a time.

What do I have to do if I get a new phone number or new phone?

If you keep your phone number when you change phones, Help Connect will work just fine after you install the app that enables to use Help Connect.

You will have to log in to Help Connect and update your phone number if it has changed. You will be prompted to confirm your new phone number. Your new phone number is updated after you enter the confirmation code sent to you in a text message via SMS.

What do I do if I change both my smartphone and SIM card?

You will have to reinstall the app you are currently running to use the Bosch Help Connect service on your new phone and log in with the phone number you had when you first registered. Then you have to log in to your account (only in german) and update your phone number. You will be prompted to confirm your new phone number. Your new phone number is updated after you enter the confirmation code sent to you in a text message via SMS.

How do I change the language of use?

Help Connect is currently available in German only. However, our Help Connect assistants speak English and German.

What do I do if I don’t get the confirmation code?

Use the “Neuen Code anfordern” link in the “Mobiltelefonnummer überprüfen” pop-up. If you encounter any further difficulties, contact our support at We will be happy to help you.

What information does Bosch Help Connect store?

Communication data such as your phone number and your first and last name are necessary to provide the service. The same applies to billing information such as your credit card details. All other data, such as emergency card information and emergency contacts, is optional. Help Connect does not store any other data such as your driving habits or location. In line with our privacy policy, we ensure your information is kept secure and will not be sold to third parties.

How do I delete my account?

If you uninstall all the apps you use to access Help Connect, your account will be automatically deleted seven days after your subscription expires.