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Help Connect. The guardian angel at your side

What is Help Connect?

Help Connect is the automatic emergency call system from Bosch for your motorcycle. Together with our partner calimoto, we provide an emergency call service that can make all the difference in dicey situations.

Only 9,99€ per month

Only 39,99€ per year

(66% savings compared to monthly subscription)

The emergency call system for your motorcycle

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Automatic accident detection and a direct emergency call can make all the difference in an emergency - especially if you can't respond or know where you are.

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Our emergency call assistants have years of experience in emergency call coordination and are there for you around the clock. They ensure that the local emergency services are alerted as well as your designated emergency contacts. This allows for quick assistance to be organized.

Here’s how calimoto and Help Connect work together in an emergency

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Automatic accident detection

Our partner calimoto uses your smartphone’s sensors and an algorithm to automatically detect your accident and immediately trigger an emergency call via Help Connect. To use Help Connect, you need a smartphone mount on your motorcycle. This is the only way to ensure that the accident detection works. You can use the service in 11 European countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom).

Please note: The technology has its performance limits. It is state of the art, but we can’t rule out false alarms or promise that it will always accurately detect an actual fall.

Please mind: Because of these performance limits, Help Connect fall detection should be seen as an additional, potentially supportive safety function. In an emergency, it can assist but not fully replace your efforts to alert professional help.

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Data communication and emergency calls

The Help Connect emergency call assistant is standing by around the clock, seven days a week, to automatically receive your location and accident data. This way, the assistant knows where you are and if you have had a minor or a serious accident so it can get you precisely the help you need.
If you have filled out an emergency information card and have provided your emergency contacts, the assistant will also know exactly what you need and who to notify.

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A direct line to rescue services

In the event of a serious accident:
In case of a serious accident, the Bosch emergency call assistant will immediately call the local emergency services (112), forward your emergency information card to first responders, and direct them to the scene. What we mean by a serious accident is an event detected by your smartphone’s sensor data indicating something like a powerful collision.


In the event of a minor accident:
An incident like the motorcycle falling over at low speed without a collision is what we call a minor accident. The emergency call assistant will contact you by phone. Then the two of you can decide if you need an ambulance.


False alarm:
The programming of the algorithm contained in calimoto takes scenarios other than an accident into account. These include your mobile phone falling to the ground when the bike is stationary or the motorcycle tipping over. Should the algorithm nonetheless interpret an incident like this as an accident, you have thirty seconds to stop the emergency call in the calimoto app if you do not need help.

Our Help Connect service by subscription

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Only 9,99€ per month

Only 39,99€ per year

(66% savings compared to monthly subscription)

Our partner calimoto

calimoto uses your smartphone’s sensors to detect accidents. The crash algorithm runs in the background with calimoto when you’re out and about. It detects accidents of varying severity and automatically sends all relevant information to the Help Connect Service – the particulars of the accident and location, your health data from the emergency information card, and your emergency contacts. With this information, we can get help to you even if you’re unable to take action.

Please note that the accident detection algorithm has performance limits. In particular, it is not possible to exclude false alarms, to correctly detect proper falls or to trigger the emergency call if there is insufficient network coverage at that moment, despite the fact that the state of the art is maintained. You can find out more about this in our FAQ.

To the calimoto app.

Connect your calimoto app to the Bosch Help Connect service in just three steps

1. Buy the Help Connect service* as a monthly or annual subscription. You will receive your information via e-mail as soon as the purchase is finalized.

2. Log in to the calimoto app with your Help Connect profile. Help Connect is now at your service 24/7.

3. Your smartphone has to be attached to your motorcycle with a smartphone cradle for you to properly use the crash detection with Help Connect. If the smartphone is in a bag or tank bag etc., the functionality is impaired.

From then on, Help Connect will be with you on every ride, running in the background of calimoto with the automatic crash detection, and can take action automatically, triggering an emergency call when the app reports an accident.

* You need to register with Help Connect to complete the purchase. This is done via a Bosch.ID. If you do not have a Bosch.ID, you can create one during the purchase process.

Emergency information and contacts

Once you’ve logged in to Help Connect, you have the option of adding more information to your profile that could expedite rescue efforts in an emergency.


Your emergency information card (optional)

You can optionally save health data such as your blood type, drug allergies, medications, or existing conditions in your Help Connect profile. In case of an emergency, this information is sent to the Help Connect assistant and forwarded to rescue services.


Your emergency contacts (optional)

In the event, our emergency call assistants can let the emergency contacts (up to any three friends and family members) stored in your Help Connect profile know about your accident, should you wish so.

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