Help Connect

Help Connect

We turn your product into a life saver

Our motivation: Technology for life - saving lives together

In an emergency, every second counts. That's exactly why it is our big goal to organize help for all people in emergency situations as quickly as possible. Every day we work with full energy on an easily accessible and comprehensive emergency call solution. Let us work on integrating the Help Connect crash algorithm into your products to save lives together.

With Help Connect we extend your products so that they literally become life savers!

Help Connect

Help Connect uses the sensors of the connected world so that accidents can be automatically detected and rescue teams can be sent to the scene of the accident. In this way, we are revolutionizing the emergency call and enabling faster help in an emergency.

In any case, we provide you with the Help Connect solution as an integration into your connected product, including backend and, if you are interested, frontend and eShop. For this we provide you with a SDK or API.

How Help Connect works in an emergency

Info graphic of the function of Help Connect in an emergency

1. using the sensors in your customers' networked devices and an algorithm, an emergency can be automatically detected. An emergency call is immediately triggered via Help Connect.

2. our Help Connect emergency call assistants can be reached around the clock and from 11 European countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom) and automatically receive the location and emergency data.

3. in an emergency, the emergency call assistants are in contact with the local rescue control centers and can thus organize help quickly and purposefully.

Our partner options

You have a product or an app that accompanies people on the adventures of their lives?

We offer you the possibility to extend this with our Help Connect emergency call service.

You already have your own sensor-based accident detection system and are planning to expand it with a premium service?

We provide you with the entire infrastructure and all technical possibilities - from Help Connect Services to on-site rescue.

Is your idea for a digital emergency call solution still in its infancy - we will gladly support you!

If required, we can work with you to develop algorithms for emergency detection and integrate accident detection into your products or apps.

Bosch Agent in front of screens

Register once - the multiple benefit for your customers


24/7 service

The Help Connect assistants are available around the clock to support your customer in emergency situations.


Emergency passport

The deposit of an emergency passport is optional and enables the rescue services to provide even more targeted, individualized help on site.


Emergency contacts

Your customers can also optionally leave emergency contacts who will be informed by our Bosch Emergency Assistants on request during a rescue operation.


Activation for all connected devices

After a single registration, the solution is immediately activated for your customers for all connected applications - with the automatic emergency call for all situations in life, on the bicycle, motorcycle, in the car, or even at home.

Help Connect makes you unique


You are part ...

... a strong brand network that takes responsibility. You offer your customers and their families a service that could save their lives.

Added value

You offer added value ...

... and differentiate your product from the competition. This will open up new markets and target groups for you.


You get easy access to ...

... a fully developed IT and service infrastructure that can be easily integrated into your app or product

You want to learn more about Help Connect?

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