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Help Connect

We turn your product into a lifesaver

Our motivation: Invented for life – saving lives together

In an emergency, every second counts. It is therefore our prime goal to provide the fastest-possible help for anyone caught up in an emergency. Each and every day, we are working full speed to provide an easily accessible and fully integrated emergency call service. Let us make Help Connect an integral part of your own connected product, so that together we can help save lives.

With Help Connect, we will enrich your product, so that it literally becomes a lifesaver!

Help Connect

Help Connect uses the sensor technology of our connected world in order to automatically detect accidents and dispatch the rescue services directly to the scene. This revolutionizes emergency call services and guarantees faster assistance in the event of an accident.

We will provide you with Help Connect as an add-on to your connected product, including not only the back end but also, if required, the front end plus an e-commerce outlet. For this purpose, we will supply you with an SDK (for Android and iOS) or an API (for back-end integration).

Webinar & White paper for motorcycle manufacturers: Help Connect – How Bosch automates emergency calls

Duration: 60 minutes  

How Help Connect works in an emergency

Infographic of how Help Connect works in an emergency

1. Using the sensors in your connected product or smartphone (with Android or iOS) plus an algorithm, Help Connect is able to detect an emergency and then automatically issue an emergency call.

2. Our Help Connect emergency call agents can be reached around the clock in 11 European countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom) and are automatically provided with the emergency location and related information.

3. Emergency call agents are in contact with local rescue coordination centers and can therefore rapidly organize targeted help in the event of an emergency.

Our partnership options

You have a product or app that people have with them on their everyday adventures?

We offer you the opportunity to enrich it with our Help Connect emergency call service.

You already offer your own sensor-based accident detection service and are planning to enrich it with a premium service?

We provide you with the entire infrastructure and all the Help Connect technical functionality – up to and including rescue at the scene of the accident.

Is your idea for a digital emergency call service still in its infancy – we’d be delighted to help out!

If required, we can help you develop the algorithms required to detect emergency situations and make this system an integral part of your product or app.

A Bosch agent in front of a bank of screens

Single registration – multiple benefits for your customers

Your customers merely have to register once with Help Connect and then create a profile.


24/7 service

Our Help Connect agents are available around the clock to support your customers in emergency situations.


Medical data pass

If desired, customers may lodge a medical data pass, which enables rescue services to provide more-targeted assistance.


Emergency contacts

Your customers may also lodge a list of emergency contacts. If desired, these persons will be informed by one of our Bosch Emergency Assistant agents during a rescue operation.


Activation for all connected devices

Following a one-off registration, the service will be immediately active in the future for all of your customers’ connected applications – thereby ensuring an automatic call in every emergency, whether driving a car, riding a bike or a motorcycle, or at home.

Help Connect makes you unique


You are part of…

…a powerful brand network that takes responsibility for its customers. You provide your customers and their families with a service that could well save their lives.

Added value

You offer added value…

…and thereby raise your product above the rest. This enables you to tap into new markets and consumer groups.


You gain easy access to…

…a fully developed IT and service infrastructure that can be easily integrated in your own product or app.

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