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How motorcycle manufacturers leverage Help Connect

The case for an automatic emergency call system

Compared to cars, motorcycle accidents involve a significantly higher risk, making it crucial for motorcyclists to receive swift assistance in the event of an emergency. An automatic emergency call system is designed to do just that: it triggers a distress call automatically should the need arise, providing riders with genuine added value as well as peace of mind. But how can motorcycle manufacturers make an automatic emergency call available to their customers? With Help Connect we provide you with everything you need. Our digital service not only detects accidents automatically; it also dispatches the rescue services directly to the scene, enabling fast assistance, even if the motorcyclist is not able to call for help.

How Help Connect works in an emergency

Help Connect Emergency Rescue Chain

1. An algorithm analyzes sensor data from the motorcycle or from the smartphone of the rider, enabling Help Connect to detect an accident and automatically trigger an emergency call.

2. Our Help Connect emergency assistants can be reached around the clock and are automatically provided with the emergency location and related information.

3. Emergency assistants are in close contact with local rescue coordination centers and can therefore rapidly organize targeted help in the event of an emergency.

How motorcycle manufacturers benefit from Help Connect


Genuine added value

With Help Connect, you can provide your customers with genuine added value – and not just a simple convenience. The solution can prove to be a literal lifesaver while also mitigating the consequences of an accident by quickly providing assistance or triggering the rescue mission.


Proven technology

Help Connect builds on a sophisticated algorithm that quickly and precisely triggers emergency calls. It has been extensively trained in a variety of different crash tests and driving scenarios. Moreover, 1.2 million road kilometers have already gone into further improving it.


Comprehensive emergency call experience

The emergency assistants at the Bosch Help Connect Service Center are available 24/7 to assist motorcycle riders in the event of an emergency. Equipped with several years of experience and special training, they are standing by to help motorcyclists in need – in their native language.


Flexible implementation options

With its flexible integration options, Help Connect is sure to fit into your fleet of vehicles and digital service portfolio. We offer Help Connect as an add-on service, including not only the backend but also – if required – the frontend plus an e-commerce outlet, while supplying all the software tools to enable easy integration.


Basis for additional services

By building upon the very same data that Help Connect leverages for automatic emergency calls, you can also provide your customers with additional services. Depending on implementation, a roadside assistance service or stolen vehicle tracking would be conceivable.

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